Air Duct Installation


Installing an air duct in a new home or a remodeled home can be a herculean task. There are a whole lot of intricate details that must be kept in mind. From designing and organization to picking the right material and, installation of the plenum and the like. They require skilled hands and are best kept for professionals. Thus, if you are on the hunt for highly experienced air duct installation service providers in Kennesaw, GA , Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning is your bet!

We understand the mechanism of an air duct, all the variables and risks involved in its installation, which is exactly why you need to trust us. With over two decades of experience and having worked with innumerable commercial and residential clients, our trained professionals are the best personnel for the job. Attending to our clients calls and reaching the site on time tops our priority list. We are the quickest you will find in all of Kennesaw, GA . Just call us at 770-799-8075 and we will be where you need us to be.

Benefits of a well-connected duct:

Why do you think it is important to keep your ductwork in good shape? For effective heating or cooling throughout the house. This is only one aspect; savings is another very important aspect. Here we will list down the reasons why a perfectly connected and insulated ductwork is vital:

  1. Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning Kennesaw, GA  770-799-8075Saves money: Sealing and insulating ducts escalates the efficiency of the HVAC system, which will eventually reduce your bills.
  2. Indoor air quality:  If you want to breathe in clean and healthy air indoors, a properly sealed air duct is a must.
  3. Comfort: A good ductwork will perform in the most effective manner, either by heating or cooling the space perfectly.
  4. Safety: A ductwork with no room for leaks will appropriatelyexorcise all the gases emanating from the water heaters, dryers, and furnaces and eliminate the risk of “back drafting”.

Beware of ‘pseudo’ professionals

While you choose an air duct service provider, make sure you have done enough research in terms of how efficiently the team can handle the task. Loopholes might lead to bad ductwork which will include bendy and broken ducts, air leaks, exaggerated energy bills, incompetent cooling or heating, bad sizing, severed return ducts, and more in the name of quick installation, most professionals out there just finish up the job with inadequate planning. .

Trust the most sought-after duct installation experts in town

We are focused to provide the best of the services and thus carefully plan and design the system to ensure efficient and long-lasting performance. Our experts are trained to finish any project within a stipulated time frame.

Installation of air ducts - the right way:

Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning experts carry out a methodical process for satisfactory ductwork installation. From planning to inspection we have all of it sorted before initiating work.Here’s how we go about the task:

  • Design and planning: The blueprint of the house is firstly prepared to properly comprehend the system design. This aids us in knowing the pathways, vents, returns, location and also the size of the room.
  • Installation: We only use the finest material as recommended by the experts in the industry, whether it be merely a small component. From plenum installation to branch runs, we cautiously set up the entire system.
  • Return vent:Goodfixture and placement of return vents are imperative. After carefully assessing the size of your property structure and room dynamics, we will deliberately place return vents to allow proper airflow and balanced air pressure.
  • Post-installation Inspection: After we set everything up in a precise manner, our technicians will review the ductwork to make sure that there are zero leaks and no room for any airflow restriction.

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