Air Quality Services


It is believed that the air inside our homes is relatively cleaner than that on the outside. However, the recent surveys prove otherwise. The air quality inside homes or offices can be as polluted as the outside. Most people are not aware that the air we breathe in indoors, most commonly in large confined spaces especially offices are infested with allergens and harmful bacteria. If you feel your employees or family at home are experiencing certain respiratory ailments, be certain that it is primarily because of poor air quality inside your home and office premises

If you want to keep your indoor air healthy and free of harmful contaminants, hire the services of the top-rated IAQ experts in town - Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning. We have for years helped homeowners and businesses in Kennesaw, GA  area to achieve cleaner air. We will help you improve your IAQ at a nominal price.  Just call us at 770-799-8075.

I don’t have any symptoms, is my indoor air still poor?

It is a fact that poor air quality can be harmful to your health. It might cause really bad health issues and respiratory issues. Living in a polluted space and inhaling poor air can have a severe impact on your lungs. Thus, it is crucial that the air ducts are cleaned from time to time. The particulate matter such as dust, pollen, dander, and allergens that get accumulated in your air ducts must be cleared. The contaminated air which eventually gets circulated throughout your house might be the chief reason for all kinds of respiratory disorders. Moreover, contaminants can also lead to other issues such as eye irritation and severe wheezing.

Should I be worried?

With Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning by your side you need not worry at all. You can achieve the desired IAQ with the help of modern air purifying techniques. We provide effective air quality improvement solutions and have worked for businesses – from the cozy offices to huge industries - as well as countless residential clients. With our highly efficient air cleaning services, you will be able to get the desired high IAQ.  If you want create a safe and healthy indoor space for you and your loved ones, ring us now and our experts will be there!

What we do?

You might do your bit to clean your homes; however, if you want to improve your IAQ, you really do need some professional help. They will help make your indoor air pollutant-free. Here’s what our specialists will do to increase the quality:

  • Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning Kennesaw, GA  770-799-8075Clean your air ducts: Our team uses powerful vacuum equipment to clear all the dirt, dust and debris from your ductwork system that must have accumulated over the years. Also, we will disinfect your entire HVAC unit to curb the growth of mold.
  • Clean your dryer vent: In order to provide healthy ventilation, we will get rid of all the lint accumulated on your dryer vent as these often lead to mold growth and carbon monoxide leak.
  • UV light installation: We are also equipped to install UV lights. These lights are known to kill dangerous microorganism and help decontaminate the indoor air. Our experts from Kennesaw GA Air Duct Cleaning can help you set up the system
  • Air purifier installation: We can guide you on which air purifier system will suit your space best. With our skill and technical understanding, we are sure to be of help in choosing the right system considering a few factors such as the size of the room, number of residents/people within a house or commercial space respectively.

Now choose cleaner and healthier air. Call us from anywhere in Kennesaw, GA  for the best air quality services. Dial 770-799-8075 now!